By working closely with our clients and fully understanding their business objectives and opportunities, we can more accurately discuss the individual staffing requirements needed to ultimately achieve their business goals.

Our aim is to help our clients understand the benefits to their business in having a flexible workforce.

In today’s business environment, whether you are a large or small business, the ability to react quickly to changing economic conditions is key, not only to your business survival, but also to its future success. The staffing of your business is dependent on your current and future trading climates but, unfortunately, due to increased and ever changing employment legislation, it is becoming more difficult to modify your staffing base whenever your business needs to react to change.

Having a mix of permanent, contracted and temporary staff will ultimately provide your business with the flexibility it needs to move forward in todays’ competitive business environment. Recruiting Solutions can help you to achieve your staffing requirements, supported by our knowledge and experience of working with successful businesses in implementing their business objectives. Working closely together and forging strong relationships with our clients in this way will provide a platform for mutual success.

Our Services

An experienced, personalised and professional approach to all our clients, aimed specifically at meeting their individual business’ needs. At all times both client and candidate information remains strictly private and confidential.

A face-to-face meeting to understand the needs of the client and their business and to help the client understand the different employment options available.

To liaise with the client regarding the job specification and ultimately create a list of the competencies which prospective candidates will need to demonstrate. Gaining a clear understanding of what is expected of the candidate will speed-up the selection process.

Dependant on the level of applicant required, we will pre-interview candidates to a high technical standard in order to support the selection process. For admin/secretarial vacancies where software skills / typing speeds are important, we test an individuals dexterity, literacy and numeracy to confirm they are able to deliver productivity required.

We relieve the client from the pressure of the initial recruitment process until we produce a quality-based shortlist of candidates, including CVs and references for the client to review (if applicable). At this point you can then decide whom you wish to interview.

To implement the concept of the ‘buddy system’ whereby newly appointed temporary or contract staff are provided with a ‘buddy’ from Recruiting Solutions who assists them in getting to know the company during their first week. (This concept only applies where one or more long term contract/temporary staff are already working for the client).

We hold regular client service reviews and do quality assessments of the contract staff as well as providing an ongoing relationship management service to cover potential future staffing requirements.

We can tailor any or all of the above to meet your individual requirements.